Design Spotlight -CTHULU IS HERE!

Cthulu Awakens - Traditional Stretched Canvas

GothFromHoth Designs

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Cthulu Awakens - Traditional Stretched Canvas

He's big. He's an elder god badass. He is... CTHULU.

Coming to you straight from his house of R'lyeh where he laid dreaming, this original design by Dena Speir is ready to bring insanity to your walls. This design was created with a "gloom & doom" take on stained glass art, from the streaky style of Cthulu's skin to the ocean waves and the broken portal allowing for his return to the waking world.

Artist-grade poly-cotton blend canvas, 1.5 inch thickness, 16x20 inch.

Full hardwood frame, made of European Pine, hand stretched and stapled, and includes hardware and hanging kit.

Want to see sneak peeks of the artists other designs, and see the process of this being created? Consider checking out her Patreon

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