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Hominid Park Pull-OverHoodie

GothFromHoth Designs

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Hominid Park  Pull-OverHoodie
Hominid Park  Pull-OverHoodie

Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth....

Then the woman releases the dinosaurs after they have been bio-engineered to be smarter and then the dinosaurs take over the earth - and got really good with satirical logos and branding. Those snarky lizards!!!

Now they want someone to pay for their new hobby! Grab your Homonid Park shirt today and support your new dino overlords!

Or get eaten.

Wait, I'll get eaten? Guys, they said I'll get eaten. Please buy a shirt.

Classic, heavy blend pullover hoodies feature a double lined hood with a matching drawstring and are preshrunk for a softer feel and reduced pilling, as well as a double needle stitch for durability. It's made from 50% cotton, 50% polyester fleece knit. Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry on low.

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